Life Members

Elwood Brooks Deceased
Robert Gee Retired
Joe Krieger Deceased
Charles Ruscelli Retired
Wendell Tonneson Deceased
Leroy Favre Sr. Retired
Anthony Soluri Deceased
John Cronk Sr. Deceased
Ed McElvaney Deceased
Frank Wallace Deceased
C.D. Scott Retired
Dave Tonneson Active
Robert Scott Retired
Frank Tonneson Retired
James Baker Sr. Deceased
T.E. Armstrong Active
T.W.W. Armstrong I Deceased
Markus Reynolds Active
James Fahey Retired
John Baglivi Deceased
Vincent Rush Retired
Alfred Friedle Retired
Donald Marshall Active
Freddy Nytko Active
Seth Armstrong Active

Life members are Twenty – Five (25) year active or retired member in good standing. It recognizes outstanding service or contribution for the good of the department.

A Life member retains the honor, rights, and privileges, as well as the obligations and responsibilities of other Active Members, so long as they comply with all requirements of active membership under Board of Fire Commissioners Rules and Regulations.