Our Department

The men and women of the Fort Montgomery Fire Department have proudly and courageously "Protected the Fort" since 1932.

Mission Statement

To foster love of country, good citizenship, civic virtue, self- sacrifice and to perpetuate the volunteer spirit which, from the earliest days has inspired volunteer firefighters to service of the highest kind - The Protection of Life and Property from Fire or Emergency for no Fee of Reward.

Line Officers

Donald Smith - Chief

Ryan Falk - Assistant Chief

Tommy Armstrong - Captain


Victor Porro - Lieutenant

Lee Steinmetz - Medical Officer

Civil Officers

Patty Steinmetz


Seth Armstrong

Vice President

Donna Salva

Recording Secretary

Donald Marshall

Financial Secretary

David Tonneson



Lee Steinmetz Sr.

Lee Steinmetz Jr.

Carrie Smith

Member Roll Call


Armstrong, R

Armstrong, S

Armstrong, T.E.

Armstrong, T.W.W. II

Beihle, M

Brosler, S

Camp, A

Carrasquillo, R

Corbin, G, Jr.

Doherty, B

Falk, R

Loftus, D

Maher, D

Maher, G

Maher Z

Marshall, D

McCue, M

Mesaris, J

Monteleone, J

Nytko, F. II

Peres, L

Porro, V

Reynolds, M

Rose, J

Salva, C

Salva, D

Salva, R. Sr.

Salva, K

Schmidt, M

Smith, D

Snavely, S

Steinmetz, L Sr.

Steinmetz L  Jr.

Steinmetz, P

Tonneson, D

Torino, B

Walko, T

Weber, D

Weber, E